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We Care Because We've Been There

At Bridge Leadership Solutions, we understand the complexities of running a profitable business because we've been there. Our core team is comprised of former C-level executives with decades of experience navigating the ever-changing business landscape. We've faced the challenges you're facing – from optimizing profit margins and streamlining operations to overcoming growth plateaus and leadership transitions.

We leverage our extensive real-world experience to go beyond traditional consulting. We don't just offer theoretical solutions; we provide practical guidance and actionable strategies based on a deep understanding of what it truly takes to succeed. Our team has a proven track record of helping businesses unlock their full potential, consistently delivering measurable results that drive growth and profitability.


To provide outstanding, high ROI advisory services to small and medium-sized, privately held, manufacturing and distribution businesses in West Michigan and beyond.

To be known in West Michigan and beyond as the advisory firm that consistently adds a high value to its client’s business.



Integrity: Your Trusted Partner

We believe in building strong, transparent relationships built on unwavering ethics. You can count on us to always act in your best interest and to do the right thing.

Client First: We Celebrate Your Wins

Our success is measured by your success. We go beyond just meeting your needs – we become invested partners, actively working alongside you to achieve your goals.​

Accountability: Delivering Results You Can See

We take ownership of our work and hold ourselves accountable for exceeding expectations. Clear communication and a proactive approach ensure you're always informed and involved in the process, witnessing tangible progress towards your goals.

Our Story

Bridge Leadership Solutions was born from a frustration with the traditional consulting model. Tim Emmitt and Greg Simsa, both veterans of the C-suite, saw a gap between theoretical advice and the real, practical needs of businesses. They envisioned a client-centric firm where success wasn't measured by billable hours, but by the tangible return on investment their clients achieved.


That's the foundation of Bridge Leadership Solutions. Unlike most consultants, we understand the challenges you face because we've been there ourselves. Our passion lies in helping family-owned and closely-held businesses navigate the complexities of profitable growth.

Our Team

At the helm of Bridge Leadership Solutions are Tim and Greg, a dynamic duo of seasoned executives with a combined forty years of experience navigating the C-suite. Together, they leverage their complementary skillsets and proven track records to empower businesses to achieve extraordinary results.

Bridge Leadership Solutions offers unparalleled access to a pre-vetted network of over 30 seasoned executives. These proven leaders possess a wealth of experience across diverse industries and functional areas. We strategically match your specific needs with the ideal fractional leader, interim executive, or project specialist to bridge critical talent gaps and accelerate your business growth.

8 CEO's - Chief Executive Officers

9 CFO's - Chief Financial Officers

7 COO's - Chief Operating Officers

4 CMO's - Chief Marketing Officers

3 VP's HR - Human Resource

2 CIO's - Chief Information Officers

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